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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchMar 31, 2021
PCMar 31, 2021

Developer: Glitchers

Publisher: Glitchers

Genres: Action, Vehicle Combat, Racing

Drive Buy is a cross-play vehicle combat game with a delivery twist. To win, drivers must hustle the most deliveries and shake down rival drivers with powerups. The intoxicating mix of deliveries and rivalries sets the perfect stage for peacocking, surprise and revenge. ONLINE MULTIPLAYER CHAOS Jump in to Drive Buy in 4 player multiplayer with friends online or kick back in the same room across multiple devices. Vote on maps, play together or as rivals in various delivery themed game modes. Be sure to keep your delivery pace up and make use of power-ups to earn the number 1 spot. POWER UP! Detour from your deliveries to collect power ups! Use them to Destroy, Freeze or Steal credits from rival drivers. 1-up the competition with homing missiles, sticky mines, freeze rays, coin magnets and more that are all at your disposal. Retaliate with well timed blocks and dodges. Even turn the tide with skillful mine flicks, rocket shocks and remote detonation. DELIVER IN STYLE Win on the leaderboard and on the streets. Outstyle the competition with unique customisation options per character: vehicle skins, flashy wheels and boost trails. Earn new stuff by levelling up and taking part in BuyCorp challenges. WHAT ABOUT REVENGE? Throw up some emotes to let the other drivers know what you're thinking! Orchestrate satisfying take-downs and rub it in with emotes. INSPIRATIONS Drive Buy is a twisted vehicle combat game in a league of it's own, where each rocket that touches metal feels like a win. We took the grit and twisted humour from vehicle combat games. The customisation options and tight controls from car football games. And the powerups and accessibility of popular karting games. Together, with our own twist, this adds up to Drive Buy. We hope you like it!

Drive Buy Critic Reviews

Drive Buy is a great car combat game, with plenty of fun game types and well designed weapons.

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Drive Buy can be fun in small doses and there’s definite potential here, but if you’re looking for something substantial, it doesn’t deliver just yet. It feels too much like an Early Access product to be worth the asking price. Should the developer follow on its promise to add more content, then it might be worth jumping into. But for right now, we can’t recommend it.

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Drive Buy lacks a lot of content and it still feels like an Early Access release.

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If you want to play a simple online vehicle-based competitive arena game then Drive Buy thankfully offers some solid entertainment.

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Audience Reviews

9.5 / 10.0
I've played around 20 hours of Drive Buy with my friends so far and am still hooked - can't wait to see what more maps, modes and customisation content will come out soon (and in Season 2, 3 etc.) In particular, I enjoy one of the three modes "Piggy Bank". During the beta they also released a special Valentine's Day mode which I hope to see again soon. The game has a great

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