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General Information

Available on:PCMar 25, 2021

Developer: Hammer&Ravens

Publishers: Hammer&Ravens, WhisperGames

Genres: RPG, Simulation, Strategy

The most offensive defensive Grand Strategy game around, with a black humor infused plot, set in a grim, disillusioned world. Empires in Ruins is a story-driven novel take on Grand Strategy that merges Empire Building, Tower Defense and RTS battles. Conquer, build, defend and lead the grumpy Sergeant Hans Heimer in his own personal vendetta against "the system". KEY FEATURES Plot driven campaign - betrayals, diplomacy and nasty twists Turn based strategy - quell the rebellion, kick back the enemy and restore the law. Empire management - conquer back the provinces, strengthen your command, chose your best governors and grant your military campaign a steady flow of resources Arcade play mode. Because... FIGHT! Tower defense-based combat - fight your battles in a new, advanced tower defense style that winks at advanced real time strategy Dark humor, dark humor everywhere! - Don't smile, it's punishable. In a corrupted little Principality governed by spruced up popinjays, snobby clergymen and power greedy army officers, something just happened. A god forgotten borderland, the Western Marches, just got inflamed with rebellion, cutting every contact with the capital and declaring independence. And in such a critical moment, who to send in order to quell the rebellion if not a grumpy alcoholic sergeant with discipline problems and bad bad temper? Why him? And what is the neighboring kingdom, the Krovans, plotting to do with the Principality of Koth? Empires in Ruins is composed of two main parts. The turn based Main Map, where the campaign develops and you are called to managed the conquered provinces and the Battlefield, where the real time blood flows and you need to kick the enemy in the arse or be the one kicked. Empires in Ruins whole plot-driven campaign of turn based strategy and empire building, is managed in the main map. Through it you will access the single combat maps (according to the plot flow or in order to defend/replay maps), manage diplomacy and access the single province to improve or check their assets and governors. Expand, fortify and expand further taking advantage of the conquered provinces reach and infrastructures. Improve the regions' production, increase the flow of resources to fund your brutal military campaign. Don't expect much help from above. Handle diplomacy - Like a bull in a china shop. Assign trusted men to govern the regions. Expect betrayals or hang them before that. Manage research - More than 100 technologies to research. Battles are fought in real time, using a hybrid of Tower Defense and RTS mechanics. COMBAT MAP FEATURES Erect your buildings in real time. Avoid getting your workers killed if they walk the wrong path 17 towers with unique feats Combine the special abilities of your towers to obtain even deadlier effects (Ever tried a flaming arrow on an oil covered enemy?) Manage multiple resources, production and special buildings Deploy Officers to command and enhance your battlefield forces Beware of nasty, canny enemies. They will open new unexpected paths, sabotage your towers, blow your production and get through your defenses in surprising ways. Ground, air, water, amphibian and secret enemies paths to defend against. Ze path to victory is paved with opponents wiz badly planned research trees. [cit. Gottfried Megler] Few things make progression in a game as interesting as unlocking new technologies to empower your troops, weapons and economies. Provided your hated engineer chief, Gottfried Megler, with the tools to evolve your ragtag army against all odds. 70+ technologies to research 30+ unlockables with towers, abilities, buildings and headquarters

Empires in Ruins Critic Reviews

Hammer & Ravens developers have been brave and they got several good intuitions, even if the balance problems make the management component less engaging and the graphic style makes the tower defence not too sexy. The main character is a blast though.

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