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Digital Legends, BlitWorks
Mar 30, 2021 - Nintendo Switch
4.5 / 10
70 / 100
Rapid Reviews UK
0.5 / 5
No Recommendation
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Critic Reviews for Afterpulse

Owing to its mobile roots, it might not be the worst game in existence, but it’s so uninspired and generic. It feels like a piece of software completely devoid of artistic integrity. I doubt we’ll ever see a Battlefield or Call of Duty game making an appearance on the Switch, but Afterpulse doesn’t work very well as a substitute for these games either.

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In Afterpulse we can measure our skills as shooters, being able to compete with up to 8 players in various games to level up and improve our skills and equipment.

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Afterpulse is a third-person multiplayer shooter that made its debut on mobile devices. As a primarily free-2-play title, Afterpulse features your typical team deathmatch style gameplay with the added extra of buying extra cosmetics and weapons with your hard-earned cash. Afterpulse on the Nintendo Switch offers the same experience, yet asks for a hefty £17.99 upfront cost for the pleasure. So, is it worth it? Well, come with me as I find out…

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No Recommendation / Blank

It is extremely challenging to think of a reason why anyone would want to buy and play the game if it is already available on other, more accessible platforms, for free. Furthermore, Afterpulse is an anomaly of a title that feels like it has no place on Nintendo Switch due to how the experience seems to be the same – or inferior in some cases – across the other respective platforms. It is clear fundamental changes needed to be made for it to work on anything other than mobile. Auto-aim, for instance, is so heavy-handed that no skill is ever required to win a match; while guns can be levelled up and more powerful equipment be made available at the swipe of a credit card. Players who do want a decent first-person experience are much better off looking at something like Call of Duty Mobile or just trying this one out on iOS or Android. The game is not bad, but it leaves a heck of a lot to be desired on a console platform like the Nintendo Switch.

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