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Skjoldur Story

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General Information

Available on:PCApr 30, 2021

Developer: Snoozing Pixel LLC

Publisher: Snoozing Pixel LLC

Genres: Action, RPG

A zelda-lite game where all you get is a shield! In this lighthearted pastoral adventure, explore and fight your way through a vast and whimsical world with nothing but a magical shield at your side. Discover, unlock, and conquer dungeons in any order using power stones you collect along your travels before confronting a final source of evil. A MAGICAL SHIELD Your only weapon is your shield. Blocking enemy projectiles and abilities with it allows you to temporarily use them to your advantage. Pay attention to your surroundings as various obstacles can be overcome by using the right ones! A NON-LINEAR WORLD Skjoldur Story has a strong emphasis on non-linearity. Play at your own pace and wander a handcrafted overworld in whichever direction you choose. Dungeons you find can be opened in any order using power stones that are scattered across the overworld. The only exception is the final tower, which remains locked until everything else is completed. DISCOVER HIDDEN AREAS Stumble across secret rooms with hidden treasure or minigame-like areas that further you along your adventure in a fun rhythm-breaking way. Use any loot you find to purchase upgrades at various shops to help further you along your journey.

Skjoldur Story Critic Reviews

Skjoldur Story doesn't have a long tale to tell, but it is packed full of puzzles galore, and put into a colorful world that is fun to explore. It can be frustrating when you have to repeat yourself when you die. Skjoldur Story can feel like a nostalgic trip, so fill up the tank, grab some snacks, and buckle up for the journey.

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