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Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 25, 2021

Developer: ION LANDS

Publisher: ION LANDS

Genre: RPG

In Cloudpunk - City of Ghosts, you play as both Rania and new character Hayse in a more dangerous, more tense city of Nivalis. As Rania attracts the unwelcome attention of the massive delivery corporation Curzona, she must also evade a secret society of AI worshipping zealots. Her night gets even worse when the Debt Corps finally track her down, and Rania finds herself trying to outrun her past as well as a homicidal, chimeric cyborg. Meanwhile, drunken gambler Hayse tries to clear his debt before morning, but with an appetite for self-destruction and a bumbling CorpSec android for company, the odds aren’t in his favour. In this direct sequel to Cloudpunk, we see Nivalis through eyes old and new as two stories intersect, and the fate of Rania, Hayse, Camus, CORA and the city itself will be in the hands of you, the player. FEATURES: Return to the city of Nivalis to explore new areas and meet new characters. Play through a brand new, fully-voiced campaign as long and as compelling as the base game. Compete in street races and fully customize every aspect of your HOVA to craft the perfect racing vehicle. Experience multiple endings based on choices made throughout Cloudpunk and City of Ghosts that will change the city and the characters living in it forever. Play as multiple characters including Rania, Hayse and more as you embark on a more ambitious, more dramatic campaign.

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts Critic Reviews

City of Ghosts almost feels more like a sequel than a DLC, with new storylines and surprisingly long playtime. If you liked Cloudpunk, this is a no-brainer. If you loved Cloudpunk, you'll like what it has to offer.

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