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Missing Features: 2D

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchMay 28, 2021
PCDec 18, 2020

Developer: High Level

Publisher: QUByte Interactive

Genre: Platformer

Missing Features: 2D is a platformer game that, as the name implies, the features are missing! Look how crazy! You discovered this game left on your computer and out of curiosity and free from fear of blowing up your PC, you decided to install it. The game did not install correctly (obviously) and now you need to play and install the missing features. Each level is a surprise! At each level you do not know what you will unlock, so you will need to play to find out. Unlock everything, leave nothing behind. Because without unlocking, you don't clear the level. Okay, I'll tell you a little bit about the mechanics that will unlock. You can unlock the player's jump All right. This is quite simple. You can also unlock a dash for him. Yeah, I know. The dash is not the same as Celeste's. I only know how to do it for both sides. But I promise that there are several other super interesting level mechanics for you to unlock

Missing Features: 2D Critic Reviews

Even though it's one of those cheaper eShop titles that, like many others, could simply be overlooked, 'Missing Features: 2D' manages to stand out. With an interesting idea and good pace that keeps the player's attention. There are a considerable amount of problems, though — but if you're curious enough about the premise, it's worth giving it a try for yourself.

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