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General Information

Available on:PCJun 10, 2021

Developers: Jonathan K-Q, Mitchell Garrett


Genres: Simulation, Strategy

Welcome, prospective Property Manager! You’ve always been told to “Reach for the Stars!” With us, you can take that literally! We here at Bavel Holdings are starting a grand campaign to build monumental skyscrapers in major cities across the globe, and we’d like you to be the spearhead of this architectural revolution. Sign up with us and we’ll drop you right into one of our best recently-cleared new lots.* There with just your wits, your imagination, and $25,000 in cold, hard cash, it will be up to you to build the tower of your dreams! Balance overhead charges, income, and utility costs as you build your tower higher and higher. Access and trade your own corporate stock to get quick cash and manipulate your own net worth. Build up fame and prestige and buy expensive marketing to attract ever-fancier and flashier businesses. Organize key rooms so that your restaurant can be close to your theater while still having access to its shared kitchen. Build your tower past the height of the clouds until the rest of the city is nought but glimmering specks beneath you! At Bavel Holdings, not even the sky is the limit!

Starscraper Critic Reviews

StarScraper in my opinion needs more work before it is worthy of the $19.99 price tag it has. I do think that some more development of the game will improve it and maybe added some scenarios would help too. The game currently feels unfinished and the camera likes to float off into the clouds. At it is now I can’t recommend StarScraper, and the price tag just isn’t justified.

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