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General Information

Available on:PCJun 7, 2021

Publisher: Pandora Machine

Genre: Simulation

Scampr is an open-world game set in a quaint rural hamlet invented by aliens to replicate life on Earth as remembered by a goldfish. The goldfish may have misremembered some facts about how the Earth works, and whales fly through the air and acorns turn into miniature giraffes. And all that would be fine except that the goldfish is lost, and needs to be set free while you activate the animals (by throwing acorns at them.) Luckily, you are a squirrel so this is just the job for you. Get some acorns. Run up a tree. Run along a fence. Deactivate forcefields. Ride a whale (or two!) Visit the nighttime world. Experience an underwater laboratory. See the artifacts of ancient civilizations. And all that would be fine except that the goldfish is lost and needs to be set free, and the animals need to be activated

Scampr Critic Reviews

Scampr to me feels like someone’s portfolio project to help them get a job in the game industry. If that is the case they certainly deserve that job. Scampr has a lot of good ideas in it. But it doesn’t fully form into a complete experience. More just feeling like a proof of concept for possibly something better later. But with rough performance issues and generally little content, this won’t be for everyone. For its ridiculously cheap price, it’s certainly tempting to have a go but there’s not a lot of game here, just a very peculiar squirrel walking simulator.

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