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Crazy Jump

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 20, 2021

Developer: Aoga Games

Publisher: Aoga Games

Genre: Platformer

GAME INTRODUCTION "Crazy Jump" is a 2D jumping game. Players will play as spheres, go through various levels set by the Demon King, and finally save the world. In the game, the Demon King will challenge your reaction speed, control ability, and adaptability! GAME STORY In 3033 AD, the earth was completely destroyed, human beings survived underground, and evolved into a spherical shape to adapt to the subterranean environment. Everything is withered, carrots became the only food in the planet. Just as human beings struggled to survive for the sake of repopulation, the alien demon suddenly came to the earth and plundered all the carrots, which made the already poor underground life worse for mankind and they were about to become extinct. In order to resist the invasion of the Great Demon King, and for the continuation of human existence, the spherical human sent their strongest warrior - You! You have the most tenacious endurance, the most determination, the strongest physique and the most skill. You have to cross demon’s island, through the deadly challenges under the big demons, finally find him, defeat him, and recapture the captive carrots, save all mankind! Come on, my warrior!

Crazy Jump Critic Reviews

Crazy Jump, just like its name, is a very basic platformer. While I had some fun with it I didn’t feel at all compelled to get all 3 stars on every level. PC is a good place for new developers to start to hone their craft but it’s unlikely Crazy Jump is going to turn heads. The graphics are too plain and the gameplay lacks anything unique. If Crazy Jump was the only platformer you ever played in the 1980s you might think it’s pretty awesome but today it’s just another platformer in a sea of so many others. I guess it is pretty cheap though.

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