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Dabado Puzzles

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 30, 2021

Developer: 7Games

Publisher: 7 Games

Genres: Adventure, Puzzle

Dabado Puzzles is for anyone who love puzzles and exploration. Going through the beautiful hand-drawn logic levels, you will be able to improve your score, acquire scrolls with valuable knowledge and unlock many hidden bonuses. Тo get more score points, respectively more Light, needed to advance in the World map, уou should replay each Main level many times. Your main goal is to collect all scrolls and unlock the divine power of the Holy Grail, able to help saving the humanity from the rising cataclysms. It's important to know, that the game is not easy and possess mechanics, which drive players to be patient and choose wisely their strategy. Otherwise, they can lose Light, and if they do so systemically or deliberately, they can lose the game (reset of save file). KEY FEATURES PUZZLES Dozens of logical levels in four categories (Main levels, Additional levels, Bonus levels, Unique level), each one with different mechanics and challenges. Use blocks to build construction and collect score items, signs, buttons and many other goodies. Don't forget for the plus items (gives additional blocks), they are critical for the successful completion of many levels, also for deeper game exploration. EXPLORATION It's one of the most important game features. World map and Main levels includes lot of hidden places, secret areas and mini games (Bonus levels and one Unique level) which can be unlocked only by deep exploration and out of the box thinking. PLAN YOUR TACTIC To solve successfully levels and get the maximum of them, you should first: choose the appropriate tactic, and second: wait for optimal blocks sequence (blocks appear randomly). Create the construction as optimal as you can to get more score items, which will gives you bigger score result and more Light. Some times you should destroy parts from the construction to open new possibilities and the most important, it gives you some chances to find valuable hidden items. HAND-DRAWN ART Dabado Puzzles possess unique art, created on paper with pencils and watercolors, which amplifies game aesthetics and the inner state of peacefulness and harmony. COLLECT LIGHT The Light is very valuable resource, that helps you to advance in the World map and reach new destinations. It comes from score points in levels, also from some items in the store and levels. To get more Light, you should replay Main levels many times and collect as many score points as possible, and Combos will help you to do this (Combo appear when take more than 1 score item with one block). 10 points gives you 1 Light. You can also purchase Light from Maria's store if you have collected enough buttons. STORE A place where you can buy items, that accelerate significantly your game progress. Some of them unlocks new game features, for example the dice. It doubles the chance of hidden items appearance in the levels. To get any of this items, you need Buttons, which appear sometimes inside the levels and other places. Buttons are rare, so don't miss the chance to get them when they appear. REPLAYABILITY The game is made such way, that allows you to replay the levels many times. Each new replay opens new possibilities for improving the score points and revealing the level secrets. The blocks appear randomly until the stack is empty. This mechanic make the game more intriguing.

Dabado Puzzles Critic Reviews

Dabado Puzzles is a challenging, beautiful puzzle game filled with difficult levels and amazing artwork. The surreal paintings coupled with the music, the organic puzzle pieces, and the massive amount of love and effort obviously put into it make it a wonderful thing to behold. The difficulty level is not for everyone, however, and many would be deterred by not only the RNG and lack of proper tutorial, but also having to play the same levels over and over again. That being said, it’s a must-have for those who love to conquer a big puzzle challenge and come out on top after many, many failures.

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