Total Battery, Turtle Cream
Aug 11, 2017 - Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PC
IGN Korea
8 / 10
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I.F.O Nintendo Switch Trailer thumbnail

I.F.O Nintendo Switch Trailer

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I.F.O - New Nintendo 3DS trailer

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Critic Reviews for I.F.O

The visuals are a delightful match to the classic Game & Watch. There are some reimagined mechanics of a flight shooter that may not be best presented in the modern graphics, thus some of the elements are acceptable to acknowledge in this unique old school visuals. The game allows the use of the frontal touch-pad so if you want to make the digitized black and chrome graphics feel just like the old days, you can enjoy the entire game without the Joycons attached on each side. For the price range, you’ll get the most out of what the gameplay and the visual elements would provide for your average gamer. Even the audio effects resonate some of the old classic chip-tune themes. The game definitely portrays the love and passion from the Game & Watch era.

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