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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Aug 4, 2021

Developers: Gammera Nest, Entalto Studios

Publishers: Gammera Nest, Entalto Studios

Genres: Arcade, Racing

Soar at raging speed! Dodging and shooting your way against the dangers of the Synthwave skies, compete against others like you in the global leader boards, and leave your mark in this neon-soaked universe. Get ready for the absolute immersion; Realistic flight, authentic sensations. Either with the PlayStation DualShock, or the PlayStation Moves, choose your way to pierce the skies! Embrace the ultimate test of skill for PlayStation VR, with its own 3D Manoeuvring System; completely free of dizziness, intuitive and frenetic, will you be able to rise to the top in each of the 25+ levels? Find it now, and make the skies yours, in NeonHat.

NeonHAT Critic Reviews

NeonHAT has a good concept but it doesn't look well implemented. With eyestrained colors and terrible controls, not even the best possible soundtrack can make the immersive experience good at all.

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NeonHat may seem interesting at first, indeed, it undeniably has moments where it makes you "click". However, in most of the things it tries to offer it is clumsy and leaves you with a bitter experience that teaches us that there is still a lot of work to be done here.

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