Torture Star Video, Black Eyed Priest, Henry Hoare
Sep 16, 2021 - PC
7 / 10
Rely On Horror
8.5 / 10
Otaku Gamers UK
3 / 5
Bloody Disgusting
4 / 5
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Bloodwash Media

Critic Reviews for Bloodwash

I wouldn't necessarily call it a 'good' game in the sense of it having deep mechanics, but for what it tries to emulate, Bloodwash offers the best form of horror entertainment this side of a video nasty VHS.

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Gather your quarters and bring your own soap -- Bloodwash arrives on Steam to set the bodies to tumble dry low

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Otaku Gamers UK

Unknown Author
Otaku Gamers UK

A short but sweet video nasty

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All in all, Bloodwash takes a couple of hours to finish, with a little of that time put aside for finding its rather ace comic books, and chatting to all the locals about the latest scrap of evidence you’ve found. Again, this is just right. A movie-length experience that really nails a lot of the cheap, scuzzy, mean-spirited tone of a certain kind of slasher film, whilst still very much behaving like a video game. When you hear of games trying to be more cinematic or movie-like, the way it’s meant is usually in terms of acting, or blockbuster set pieces. Bloodwash encapsulates the unseemly, dead-of-night accidental discovery of a rude, crude horror flick, and that is, for me at least, a far more appealing way to go about it.

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