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Hanako: Honor & Blade

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General Information

Available on:PCSep 1, 2021

Developer: +Mpact Games, LLC.

Publisher: +Mpact Games, LLC.

Genre: Action

Hanako – Soul of the Samurai takes players online for an immersive experience in Feudal Japan. Help decide the future of a nation by playing as one of four distinct classes. Serve a clan to defeat your opponents throughout a multi-map campaign. Master your class’ directionally-driven combat, abilities, and spirit-based skills to get an extra edge. Enjoy a game that is easy to learn, difficult to master but seeks to capture the Soul of the Samurai.

Hanako: Honor & Blade Critic Reviews

In its current state, everything the player experiences in the first 15 minutes is all that Hanako has to offer. That said, there is a supportive community beginning to form around Hanako who will hopefully continue to support the project in its post-launch development. Hanako has had an incredible journey thus far and though it's struggling to keep up with the times, it has the potential to pull a No Man's Sky and turn itself around to become the Hanako: Honor & Blade that +Mpact Games envisioned 14 years ago.

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Hanako: Honor & Blade has some interesting ideas, and the story behind its creation is wonderful. I genuinely like some of the choices the development team made, and I had fun at times. The core of the game, however, needs a lot of work. With poor balance, combat lacking any weight, and matches mostly featuring terrible AI opponents, there’s much the developer needs to do to make this one worth your time. If you get together with some friends and all pick it up, you might get a few entertaining afternoons out of it, but unless the development team keeps working to improve things, don’t expect much more.

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Hanako: Honor & Blade - Official Launch Trailer

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