The Space in Between

Sondering Studios, Emily Pitcher, Ray Hsiao, Alan Guan, Hayden Nuyens, Elizabeth Han, Julia Lee, Wei, and Richard Cheng

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The Space in Between

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General Information

Available on:PC January 18, 2021

Developer: Emily Pitcher, Ray Hsiao, Alan Guan, Hayden Nuyens, Elizabeth Han, Julia Lee, Wei, and Richard Cheng

Publisher: Sondering Studios

Genre: Adventure

What if you could create your own constellations? The Space in Between is an emotional dating sim about Asian-American identity, mental health, and stargazing. Meet June, a spunky Chinese-American college student trying to make sense of her complicated relationship with her immigrant mother. This is the love story between her and Miles, a quiet artist who is recovering after a harsh past with mental illness. Set on a scenic stargazing trip, create your stories among the stars as you hear powerful narratives from the hidden ways Asian parents say “I love you” to the social isolation of depression. Our game is a vignette into modern relationships, a story that will leave you calling your close ones to tell them you love them. Look up, let go, and take a chance on the night sky. Features: - Create your own constellations and the backstories to them. Connect stars in the night sky to form your own constellation, and hear different stories about the characters depending on what constellation you form. - Experience a nuanced perspective on the Chinese-American experience and mental illness. We merge representation with authentic storytelling through realistic dialogue. - Relive the first time you fell in love. The juxtaposition of June and Miles’s silly banter and deep talks will surprise you. - Two recommended playthroughs - Original writing, art, and music

The Space in Between Critic Reviews

The Space in Between can be completed in less than an hour, but it’s the quality of the writing, the beauty of the aesthetics, and the importance of its message that make it feel like a much longer experience. How the team managed to condense two lifetimes of pain and trauma found within the Asian-American community into a 30-minute experience is beyond me. If you’re looking for a wonderfully sweet depiction of a healthy relationship or want to play more games exploring the Asian-American experience, look no further than The Space in Between — the only cost is 30 minutes of your time (and maybe some tissues).

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