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Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS

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General Information

Available on:PCMar 9, 2021
Nintendo SwitchNov 4, 2021
PlayStation 5Nov 4, 2021
PlayStation 4Nov 4, 2021

Developer: Zoo Corporation

Publishers: Zoo Corporation, eastasiasoft

Genres: Puzzle, Arcade

Dodge enemies while gain control of as much area as possible to win! The familiar “capture territory” rules popularized in Japanese arcades are as simple as they are rewarding, and with so many beautiful characters waiting to be uncovered, puzzle action has rarely been more alluring! Meet more than 20 Pretty Girls across 40 stages! You can choose to partner with Yu or Asahi, and completing stages alongside either will unlock new outfits for them to wear. With each challenge that you clear, commemorative photos of the girls you rescue will also be added to your Gallery for casual viewing. Can you complete them all? Features: - Remove 75% or more of the playfield to clear each stage. - Uncover the girls hidden behind enemy-infested screens. - Dodge menacing creatures and their deadly projectiles! - View unlocked images in the Gallery. - Capture larger zones to score more points!

Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS Critic Reviews

As it stands, Pretty Girls Panic Plus is probably the strongest entry in this subseries of Zoo and eastasiasoft’s collaborative affairs — and indeed one of the strongest games in the lineup outright. It’s a game that is challenging enough to keep you busy for a while — and between the companion character metagame and the Arcade mode, it’s likely to keep you coming back for more for gameplay reasons, as well as the opportunity to admire Pretty Girls in their native habitat.

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7 / 10

Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS is basically Pretty Girls Panic! v1.5 or Pretty Girls Panic! Remastered. It's the same exact game, with improved visuals, and better gameplay. Not a big recommendation for those who already have Zoo Corporation's previous Qix clone, as the changes aren't that big, but the rest can safely try this out, as it's actually very good if it's your cup of sake.

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Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS Trailer (PS4/PS5, Switch)

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