Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS

Zoo Corporation, eastasiasoft
Mar 9, 2021 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4
7 / 10
Cat with Monocle
3.5 / 5
Rice Digital
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Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS Media

Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS Trailer (PS4/PS5, Switch) thumbnail

Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS Trailer (PS4/PS5, Switch)

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Critic Reviews for Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS


7 / 10

Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS is basically Pretty Girls Panic! v1.5 or Pretty Girls Panic! Remastered. It's the same exact game, with improved visuals, and better gameplay. Not a big recommendation for those who already have Zoo Corporation's previous Qix clone, as the changes aren't that big, but the rest can safely try this out, as it's actually very good if it's your cup of sake.

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Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS improves what its predecessor lacked and continues to make a cutting board puzzle game entertaining. However, the extra content only goes so far and ultimately feels unfinished. It’s a plus minus, instead of a plus plus.

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As it stands, Pretty Girls Panic Plus is probably the strongest entry in this subseries of Zoo and eastasiasoft’s collaborative affairs — and indeed one of the strongest games in the lineup outright. It’s a game that is challenging enough to keep you busy for a while — and between the companion character metagame and the Arcade mode, it’s likely to keep you coming back for more for gameplay reasons, as well as the opportunity to admire Pretty Girls in their native habitat.

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