NASCAR Heat: Ultimate Edition+ Reviews

NASCAR Heat: Ultimate Edition+ is ranked in the -1th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
4 / 10
Nov 26, 2021

NASCAR Heat feels like a game right out of the mid-2000s. The visuals alone are poor enough - with blocky textures, featureless environments, and a frame rate that struggles to maintain a solid 30FPS - but when you have a completely unremarkable career mode forming the main bulk of the game, there's really no recommending this to anyone but the most staunch of NASCAR fans. Nintendo gamers have been without a true NASCAR experience for several years now, but if this is any indication of the quality we're likely to expect, we reckon it should probably retire in the pits.

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Top Critic
Nov 17, 2021

“NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+” is not the best-looking racing game available, and the Joy-Cons make it harder to smoothly steer around certain ovals. However, the game performs well and provides an impressive amount of content for racing fans. Having the ability to run races with stages, caution flags, and full damage only makes the experience more enjoyable.

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