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Hell Road VR

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General Information

Available on:PC Sep 30, 2020
HTC ViveSep 30, 2020
Oculus RiftSep 30, 2020

Developer: Travolab Replay

Publisher: Travolab Replay

Genre: Action

HELL ROAD VR POST-APOCALYPTIC WORLD An unknown event caused the apocalypse. You receive a mysterious radio transmission from a woman asking for help. Ready to risk your life, you grab your revolver, get on your bike and go for a VR RoadTrip through a post-apocalyptic world teeming with all kinds of zombies. KILL ZOMBIES Turn your motorcycle into a beast made for mass slaughter and equip yourself with an arsenal of varied weapons to make your way through the hordes of enemies that will cross your path! Throughout your experience, you will face increasingly intense challenges with Irene as your sole objective. UNLOCK NEW WEAPONS & UPGRADE THEM 8 unique weapons: 9mm pistol, revolver, SMG, spear, crossbow, grenade launcher, shotgun, zombie shredder. Upgrade your weapons, motorbike and character. Boost your speed, damage and accuracy to slaughter more and more zombies. WELCOME TO HELL A story mode with 7 levels with unique environments. 5 different types of zombies to discover that will test your shooting skills as well as your driving skills. Take up the challenge of the wave shooting mode and use your double gun to face the hordes of enemies coming towards you. Test your endurance in Survival mode and try to survive as long as possible in an infinite level using procedural generation. Your score is automatically added to the leaderboard. Will you be able to beat the High Score? THREE DIFFERENT WAYS TO STEER YOUR BIKE By tilting your head. By grabbing the handlebars. Using the joystick on your controller. FOUR MODES OF DIFFICULTY Casual Normal Hardcore Real Hell Road

Hell Road VR Critic Reviews

Hell Road VR is the kind of game you might play in an arcade for a quick laugh and never think about again. While there’s an undeniable novelty that comes from spearing a zombie through the face with a lance at 60 miles per hour from atop your steel steed, the thrill fades fast. With its disappointingly shallow gameplay loop and needlessly frustrating controls, it won’t be long before even the most seasoned zombie hunters grow weary of this road trip. If you’re just dying to bag some ghouls on your favorite HMD, there are simply too many better options available to recommend adding Hell Road VR to your Steam library. So save your neck and your cash for something more deserving. You’ll be glad you did.

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