Loop Odyssey

Housemade Inc , Housemade Inc.
Dec 9, 2021 - PC
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Loop Odyssey Media

Critic Reviews for Loop Odyssey

Loop Odyssey is an interesting idea but I just don’t think it’s for me at this stage of my life. The reason for this is that this type of experience is just incompatible with my current lifestyle. I don’t work in front of a PC for my real-life job and even when I do spend time writing articles on PC it’s not hours at a time. Which wouldn’t allow for the time needed for this to grind away in the background. That been said the game is well put together and knows what it aims to be. I can see some gamers really getting into this concept. It’s a shame a demo is not currently available to allow folk to see if this works for them. Loop Odyssey is a long grind to enjoy in very short bursts but does require your PC to be on for absurd lengths of time. If that sounds like fun to you then get looping.

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