Space Stella: The Unknown Planet

Trosa, HitGames Studio, TROOOZE
Jan 13, 2022 - Nintendo Switch
Digitally Downloaded
0.5 / 5
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Space Stella: The Unknown Planet Media

Critic Reviews for Space Stella: The Unknown Planet

I wasn't expecting much from Space Stella. It's a Trooze-published game, after all. But what I actually good exceeded my expectations in the most wrong way possible. I don't like bandying around terms like "unplayable" much, since "unplayable" implies that the game cannot be completed, and most of the time it's juvenile hyperbole for "this is just a game I don't much like playing because it has some flaws in it." But Space Stella is genuinely unplayable. Even if I could handle the sickeningly janky gameplay (which I can't), I have a visceral desire to avoid playing a game so shallow, uninspired and downright empty as this one.

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