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The Atlas Mystery

Top Right Corner, TRC DMI
Apr 12, 2022 - Meta Quest, PC
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7 / 10
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3 / 5
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The Atlas Mystery: A VR Puzzle Game│Release Date Trailer thumbnail

The Atlas Mystery: A VR Puzzle Game│Release Date Trailer

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Critic Reviews for The Atlas Mystery

The Atlas Mystery is a short escape room adventure that players of VR games have likely encountered before. While some of the puzzles are genuinely interesting, they don’t do enough to carry the narrative. Players looking for a spooky adventure through a 1930s movie theatre will likely enjoy it. However, players looking for a lengthy experience might want to stay away.

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In The Atlas Mystery, you are now the newly hired floor manager of The Atlas Theater. Within its halls covered in 1940s style art deco survives a mystery of the previous owner which you must uncover. The game starts you out in the backroom and through subsequent escape room-style puzzles to unlock more of the theater. It is your job to uncover the mystery of the theater and lift the spirit looming over the darkened halls of Hollywood.

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