Neodori Forever

Strobetano, Crescent Moon Games
Jun 15, 2022 - PC
Gamers Heroes
50 / 100
Nindie Spotlight
5.2 / 10
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Neodori Forever Launch Trailer! 🏎️🔥 thumbnail

Neodori Forever Launch Trailer! 🏎️🔥

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Critic Reviews for Neodori Forever

Neodori Forever might look the part, but the stiff driving quickly gives away the fact that this racer is a poser. Those pining for days gone by best stick with the tried and true.

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Nindie Spotlight

Unknown Author
5.2 / 10.0
Nindie Spotlight

While it has the looks of a retro racing contemporary, the controls and a lack of a feeling of purpose hold it back

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