WorldWide FlightSimulator

Airror Studio
Aug 25, 2022 - Nintendo Switch
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WorldWide FlightSimulator Media

WorldWide FlightSimulator (Official Trailer) Nintendo Switch thumbnail

WorldWide FlightSimulator (Official Trailer) Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for WorldWide FlightSimulator

Although I’m not by any stretch a flight simmer, I’ve been around them long enough to have a sense of the fun, recreation, and education they can provide. After messing with this title for a while I’ve decided that although it can’t really hold a candle to the more developed simulators on PC, it really is a nice thing to have if for some reason you REALLY want a flight simulator on a portable system. I doubt with the limited instruments (and no ability to stall or crash) that it will teach you anything about flying. However, it will fill the very specific niche of buzzing through the skies on a handheld system.

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