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Boo Party

Cosmi Kankei, Shady Corner Games
Oct 25, 2022 - PC
6 / 10
7.5 / 10
Rice Digital
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Critic Reviews for Boo Party


6 / 10

Cute Monster Girls Photographer simulator Boo Party is one of the safest… NSFW titles out there, and that combined with its overall feel-good vibe, quirky sense of humour, and casual-friendly approach to gameplay makes it a rather fun experience. Just be prepared for something that's also repetitive, and way too open-ended, which can be frustrating at times.

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Boo Party is a fun, casual adventure game but one that has some issues and shouldn’t be played by younger players. The game doesn’t provide guidance in the form of a map or quest indicators and this could turn some players away. I didn’t mind those things too much and quite enjoyed the visuals, music, and funny writing.

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My own house party days are long behind me, but Boo Party definitely brought back some fond memories and, for the four hours or so it took to beat the game, made me almost feel young again. And for this old fart, that’s more than reason enough to wholeheartedly recommend the experience.

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