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Akai Katana Shin

City Connection
Dec 14, 2022 - PC
Nintendo Life
9 / 10
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『赤い刀 真』プロモーション映像 Akai Katana Shin - Trailer【TGS2022】 thumbnail

『赤い刀 真』プロモーション映像 Akai Katana Shin - Trailer【TGS2022】

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Critic Reviews for Akai Katana Shin

Akai Katana is one hell of a game. Black sheep it may be, but in our opinion its thrill factor and scoring satisfaction is superior to the likes of Deathsmiles, making it another shooting game favourite among an already long list. It's soft enough to encourage rookies and deep enough to send the hardcore into a digit mining frenzy. At the same time, it's absolutely beautiful-looking; a stunning panorama that fuses the historical and futuristic into a bombastic theatre of war. Whether soaring over snowy mountain ranges, hillside forests, sunset-bathed railways, or across the ocean floor, it's a feast. With three superb modes, years of depth, and an incredibly satisfying scoring apparatus, Akai Katana is not just Shinobu Yagawa's most accessible shooting game, but also one of Cave's best horizontal efforts.

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