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FakeFish, Undertow Games , Daedalic Entertainment
Mar 14, 2023 - PC
78 / 100
The Games Machine
8.5 / 10
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Barotrauma Trailers

Barotrauma - Official Full Release Trailer thumbnail

Barotrauma - Official Full Release Trailer

Barotrauma Overview Trailer | 1.0 OUT NOW! thumbnail

Barotrauma Overview Trailer | 1.0 OUT NOW!

Barotrauma - Feature Trailer thumbnail

Barotrauma - Feature Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Barotrauma

I probably admire Barotrauma more than I enjoyed it. I like the setting. The gameplay is very clever, even if it isn’t always exciting. I didn’t get a chance to get deep into co-op, but I can’t wait to try. It’s crazy to me that cooperative spaceship games aren’t an entire genre now, with dozens of indie games to compare. At the moment, Barotrauma may be one of the best trailblazers, giving inspirations for the developers of the future.

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Fun, rewarding, original and unpredictable, Barotrauma is a must-have videogame for anyone looking for challenging experience that gives nothing away. An unexpected surprise.

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