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No Son of Mine

Maciej Radwański, Pleasantly Friendly Games, Feardemic
Sep 6, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5
PlayStation Universe
7 / 10
4.5 / 10
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No Son Of Mine - Launch Trailer

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No Son Of Mine - Horror Game Trailer

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Critic Reviews for No Son of Mine

No Son of Mine does a lot right, combining a fantastic setting with vivid graphical fidelity and stellar low lighting. Some ideas don't meet in the middle, such as combining combat limitations with far-too-frequent encounters. Either way, horror fans need to check this out. Those of you new to the genre can also get a solid experience here without being massively overwhelmed.

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The best thing about No Son Of Mine is that it's functional and it tries to implement some good ideas. But it's ultimately more frustrating than it is frightening.

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