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Square Logic

New Dawn Game Studio
Dec 14, 2023 - PC
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Square Logic - Trailer Steam

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Critic Reviews for Square Logic

There is almost nothing to complain about with this game. Square Logic has a lot of polish, good music, fluid action, and a fun premise. The colors are (mostly) pleasing, and the look of it is gorgeous. It feels unique and original, and I really like puzzle games like this. You really can’t beat it for $2.99; I can’t wait to finish up all the puzzles for myself. That being said, the Dark Mode was a massive disappointment. I don’t think I would have noticed as much if this game hadn’t been as polished as it is, but Dark Mode just seems like an afterthought. Overall, though, Square Logic is incredibly fun, wonderfully put together, and just a great game. Not to mention a great deal for the number of puzzles you get. If you love block puzzles like Tetris or Woodoku, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest Square Logic to you as well.

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