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Chicken Launcher, Awaken Realms
May 9, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch
Pure Nintendo
9 / 10
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Pan'orama - Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Pan'orama

Overall, if you're looking for something simple and chill that you can pick up and play whenever or tell yourself, "five more minutes," then Pan'orama is a great choice.

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I’m guessing if you loved Dorfromantik, you would want to look at Pan’orama as well. I haven’t played Dorfromantik, but I read online that Pan’orama is the more relaxing game of the two. The mechanics of placing tiles to get the most points and extra tiles to play with worked well and had me puzzling quite happily. The tutorial really could be better, but what made me really like the game was the graphics and the way the world you make comes to life. I loved zooming in to the max, admiring the structures I had built and seeing movement on the ground, an animal here and there or the tractor harvesting the grains. It’s fun just to sit and watch this colourful and detailed world come to life.

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