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Liked-a-lot - Half Past Fate
Mar 12, 2020

Don’t go into the game thinking you’ll do some mindless gaming. Because of the mixed up timelines, familiar faces and tie-ins between the three couples Half Past Fate needs your attention. Like I did, you’ll no doubt have a favorite couple. Whether it’s Rinden and Mara, Bia and Milo or Ana and Jaren, all the stories are interesting. If you like story based games, solving puzzles and are in the mood little romance to go with it, you really can’t go wrong with Half Past Fate.

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You could say that this third game of the Dusk series is the best one, with the movable camera and so many familiar faces that you already know from past games. I however would be hard pressed to choose the one I love most. It would feel like pointing out my favourite child! Maybe I should conclude that Atelier Shallie offers the most for your buck, as the storylines of the two heroines differ enough for you to play the game twice. If you like turnbased RPG with crafting included, and aren’t afraid of lots of texts, these three games are great ones to find out if you are an Atelier fan yourself.

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Mixed - Marooners
Feb 19, 2020

Marooners is party game that made its entrance on the Nintendo Switch. Visualy, the game looks good. The characters are cute, and the levels look well designed. The idea of the gameplay is a good one, but for me, it was just too frantic and quick paced. I can imagine this game being a hoot for younger kids, but for us it didn’t feel very satisfying. Combined with the price, I feel the game is too costly for what is offered.

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Liked - OmoTomO
Feb 11, 2020

The Nintendo Switch has a large collection of logic puzzles in its library. Games for when you don’t feel like button mashing, don’t feel like tending the farm or jumping from platform to platform. OmoTomO is a new addition to the eShop, one that not only helps you exercise the grey cells. Plus, it’s also designed to feel like you are in a Zen garden: time for some peace and quiet!

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The storyline is different, and the fact that both protagonists spend their time working for a company sometimes makes it feel more like a management game. But the characters that accompany you on your assignments are likeable and each have their own story to tell. The fans of the series will see many familiar faces, like Marion, Linca and Wilbell. I like the interaction between Escha and Logy and the mystery that has to be unraveled. The visuals, gameplay, soundtrack and combination of synthesising, battling and the story made it into a great experience for me.

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If you are an Atelier fan, Atelier Ayesha is a good addition to your collection. In every Atelier game the synthesis and battle system is slightly different. Still, I feel Atelier Ayesha is the game that made an impact on me mainly because of the story. Plus, every Atelier game is unique because of the character, and Ayesha really is my kind of girl! So I’ll stick to my verdict from all those years ago:

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Jan 10, 2020

Over the years I have been known to enjoy my management games: simulation games where time is of the essence and trying to manage your own business in the best way and fastest way you can. Somehow, most often the action takes place in a restaurant of sorts, serving customers their food, prepping it as quickly as you can and make sure the customers leave happy. In 2019 three games that follow that same formula came to the Nintendo Switch: Food Truck Tycoon, Burger Chef Tycoon and Pizza Bar Tycoon. Now, the three games are bundled into one and have landed once again on the Switch. Let's see how these management simulation games hold up!

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Liked-a-lot - WAKU WAKU Sweets
Jan 9, 2020

Waku Waku Sweets: a cooking game that came to the 3DS in 2018, and followed on the Switch that same year. The most well known cooking game is Cooking Mama, one that my daughter loves to bits. But now that Waku Waku Sweets on Switch has landed in retail as well, let’s see how this “other” title holds up: is it a clone, or does it bring something new to the table?

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Dec 15, 2019

Even though there are more of these kind of puzzles out there, Travel Mosaic: A Paris Tour, for me, adds good fun, color and a great challenge. It’s colourful and bright and the gleaming dots that plop into place make a very satisfying plopping noise. The background music is nice and changes with the puzzle and the tourist attraction. The addition of info about the tourist attraction is a nice touch. Playing on several layers with several colours makes Travel Mosaics stand out even more. And these grids are no walk in the park. They get bigger and more challenging as the levels go by. If you are a puzzle enthusiast and like excersizing the grey cells, I can really recommend Travel Mosaics: A Paris Tour.

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Mind-blown - Woven
Nov 14, 2019

Let's recap here: a small development studio, an amazing looking game that has lots of depth to it. A great story line and puzzles that exercise the grey cells. An added element of narration making it even better. Main characters that instantly make you feel protective. A long enough adventure with the right price tag. And even when I have other games waiting, Woven is taking over my entire spare gaming time. I think you know what I'm going to say next: this game deserves all the attention it's surely going to get. For me, it just has to be the highest praise, this is one of the best games I have played this year!

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