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Coral Island

Stairway Games, Humble Games
Oct 11, 2022 - PC
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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Coral Island - Announcement Trailer | Humble Games thumbnail

Coral Island - Announcement Trailer | Humble Games

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Critic Reviews for Coral Island

There are some early access bugs, but Coral Island's slightly kinder, eco-friendly farming world is a compulsive treat full of beautiful details.

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The stand-out feature of Coral Island, however, is the message. While it's not completely uncommon to see conservationist messaging in farming simulators, the way conservation and nature exploitation is addressed in Coral Island is integral to the game's story without feeling too preachy. It also combines well with the more metaphysical lore of the island. It's not an especially subtle message, but it is well-incorporated and elevates the story and stakes. Fans of cozy gaming will find a lot to love about Coral Island, and, even in Early Access, there is a polish and sophistication that bodes well for the full release.

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