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Wool Tyranny , Wool Tyranny
Apr 26, 2024 - PC
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Critic Reviews for Balance

There may be someone out there for whom Balance will strike the right note. I can see, as if on a distant horizon, the goal the developer intends to show their players. But without a little more help in finding the zen of juggling numbers until they all ascend the board, I’m simply not motivated to ever try this again when I can instead move to Piczle Cross: Story of Seasons or one of the Picross S series games that I haven’t bought yet. It’s not pleasant to give a negative review to a fledgling developer who’s trying to bring something new to an audience that loves logic puzzles. Still, between the too-tight aesthetic, the tiny text, and the way I ended up fumbling grumpily with each board with no real encouragement, I can’t, in good faith, say I can recommend this game, even to other puzzle fans. But I also don’t think developer Wool Tyranny should give up or take my ranking too deeply to heart. It’s a good start when you know to offer a simple aesthetic to someone trying to figure out something new, and the music is very charming. Hopefully, they’ll try again down the line with something a little more polished and with a little more zest for player response. Until then, warm hugs, my apologies, and I’m very sorry that I need to say goodbye to Balance like this.

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