Just Dance 2015 Reviews

Just Dance 2015 is ranked in the 56th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
Nov 4, 2014

A career mode and better reward system would be welcome additions to the series and the way dance moves are registered and scored still has its flaw but at its core Just Dance 2015 is a fun, energetic party title with a great variety of songs that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours as you dazzle each other with world class moves that even JT himself would be proud of or would have him rolling on the floor laughing.

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Adam Riley
Top Critic
9 / 10
Nov 14, 2014

This year's edition of the Just Dance series lifts the game beyond its former releases thanks to its focus on treating players to various extras the more they play and integrating the online component so smoothly into the regular play. There will always be a tendency to jiggle the Wii Remote randomly in the hope of getting a good score, but that is the player's fault, not that of the game. Just Dance 2015 on Wii U is as close to perfection in the genre as possible, also allowing for extra points to be accrued by singing along via the GamePad's microphone for good measure.

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Digitally Downloaded
Nick H.
Top Critic
Nov 2, 2014

It would be nice to see Just Dance further innovate as a series, or it runs the risk of becoming incredibly repetitive going forward. Some new features provide interesting wrinkles in the existing formula, but it feels like the series has plateaued and is in need of a few new moves before the next inevitable release.

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