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General Information

Available on:PCOct 9, 2015

Developer: Mechabit

Genre: Strategy

Kaiju Panic is an Action-Strategy game with a bright and unique art style where you have to rescue survivors and guide them to the safety while defending against the giant monster Kaiju. Take control of the field commander. Build, fight and rescue your way through a wide variety of locations around the world. A massive meteorite has struck the Earth causing devastation and panic in the streets, you scramble to the impact zone to search the area for survivors and survey the extent of the damage caused. But as if a meteorite wasn't enough, giant monsters called Kaiju start appearing around the world and begin rampaging in densely populated cities! Jet across the globe as you respond to Kaiju attacks and bizarre natural disasters and unusual weather phenomenon. Rescue every civilian to unlock their ID cards which you can view along with a monster bestiary and tech tree. Progress through a full story campaign to discover the true origin of the Kaiju.

Kaiju Panic Critic Reviews

Kaiju Panic's imaginative take on real-time strategy and tower defense games is a charming tribute to its cinematic inspiration, but its unforgiving design can't help but compromise the joys of its adorable aesthetic.

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Kaiju Panic is a fun action strategy experience that can provide hours of entertainment. Great colors and design, not to mention varied stages and often hilarious moments keep things lighthearted. Unfortunately, the emphasis on trial-and-error until you find the correct strategy, as well as on replaying stages to get all the resources, weigh it down a fair amount.

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While Kaiju Panic isn't going to win any awards or fans for its contributions toward the strategy genre, it is still a very fun, cute, and refreshing addition to the tower defense genre. In addition, the sheer amount of stages and Kaiju types to defeat provide a lot of content that make this game a great value and easy to recommend.

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It would be harsh to overly punish Kaiju Panic for the problems that it contains, simply because the mix of tower defence and RTS gameplay works so well. It surely won't be to everybody's tastes and some will get frustrated when a lack of knowledge or a varying enemy attack path causes them to fail a level, but those that like a challenge will enjoy what Mechabit have created here.

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