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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Nov 3, 2015
PCNov 3, 2015
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: Grimm Bros

Genres: Roguelike, RPG

Dragon Fin Soup seamlessly blends genres to create a fresh experience: half story-driven tactical RPG and half high-stakes roguelike, with a pinch of crass humor and a heaping helping of murder & madness set in a procedurally generated fantasy world. Meet Red Robin - a charming, yet raging alcoholic bounty hunter, who’d rather get into a bar fight than deliver baked goods. Players must take up Robin’s blades and set out across Asura, a lushly colorful fantasy world that sits on the back of an enormous space turtle, on a journey to discover the secrets of her bloody past.

Dragon Fin Soup Critic Reviews

Randomly generating your locations for missions is a good idea in many games, but it carries the huge risk of creating dull spaces. In Dragon Fin Soup they're almost uniquely so, with laborious chopping of foliage leading to dead end after dead end, rather then hidden treasure or bonus finds. It's just not the sort of game that lends itself to the notion, and the result kills off just about any desire to continue playing I was left with.

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Dragon Fin Soup is a great game trapped in a terrible game's code. The tile sets for the randomly generated maps create lush environments to explore. The writing is like a clown in corpse paint; silly in its darkness. There are seemingly limitless options to win battles and progress. Unfortunately, there is just so much additional work that needs to go into this title. 

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Dragon Fin Soup - Official Trailer | PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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