Cosplay Maker

Locked Door Puzzle, Lupus Studios
Dec 10, 2015 - PC
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Critic Reviews for Cosplay Maker

Besides being true to the hard lives of cosplayers in between conventions, there are not many redeemable qualities in Cosplay Maker. It succeeds perfectly with capturing all the boring aspects of the hobby, while - and almost as if it was on purpose - missing every single enjoyable and rewarding aspect of it. When most of the game is made up of "loading screens" that can't be skipped, something is seriously wrong; furthermore, every single aspect of the game that might have been enjoyable is compromised or removed completely from the game. What would have been fun in a title like this would be the option to actually design something or posing on a stage acting out the character. Instead, what is given to the player is a bunch of horribly scripted and shallow cosplay friends. Cubed3 recommends staying away from this title, unless there is a genuine interest in what the boring everyday life of a cosplay maker looks like when not on conventions.

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