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Available on:PCDec 15, 2015

Developer: Long Division LLC

Genres: Action, Adventure

In near future America, the emergence of corporate monopolies has placed a strangle hold on the economy. Among a glut of mass privatization, corporations begin contracting private military security firms to protect their assets. Setting a controversial precedent, defense contractor Grand Robotics Inc. deploys a private security firm to be their "Mergers & Acquisitions" arm. After a failed attempt to buy out competing Bartleby Automation, Grand Robotics turns to their security firm to execute a "hostile takeover" of their competitor. The firm storms into Bartleby's corporate HQ and locks the building down. In Turnover you play Clea Holden, a Bartleby worker who becomes caught in the middle of the crisis. Coming to the conclusion that the situation is too volatile, Clea hatches a desperate plan to escape. She must find freedom, armed with only her determination to survive.
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Turnover - Steam Gameplay Trailer

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Turnover does well at getting the player engaged in an interesting plot and the gameplay, while simple and sometimes a little unfair, is fun throughout.

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6 / 10

Turnover feels like it just punishes you for things you don't know and it doesn't tell you, which is unjust

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