Super Snow Fight

Patrick God
Nov 24, 2015 - PC
5 / 10
Worth Playing
6 / 10
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Super Snow Fight - Steam Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Super Snow Fight

It's a real shame, but while it might keep younger players or the bored occupied, most of the time there's probably a better choice – even if that's putting your mittens on and heading out to play in the garden.

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Super Snow Fight is a fun but shallow experience. By their very nature, snowball fights are fun, and the addition of power-ups adds a nice twist. The arenas don't do much since there are so few of them, and with no differences in characters, the game can quickly get tedious. Still, it is enjoyable for quick sessions, more so if you haven't unlocked everything the game has to offer. It makes for quick holiday-themed fun, but it won't overthrow other heavy-hitting local multiplayer games anytime soon.

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