CITYCONOMY: Service for your City

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General Information

Available on:PCDec 2, 2015

Developer: Nano Games

Publisher: astragon Entertainment

Genre: Simulation

Assume the many jobs of a service company and take care of a vibrant metropolis in the open-world city economy simulation CITYCONOMY. For you, that means: From the classic trash collection to drain cleaning, from towing services to lawn mowing, there's a wide range of missions available across the entire city! A total of 15 vehicles await you, even in multiplayer! Explore a huge, open-world city with its various districts, such as the old town, industrial park and residential neighborhood. You'll find new tasks for your constantly growing fleet all over the city. If the residents are sat-isfied with you, you'll gain access to new skills, jobs and machines.

CITYCONOMY: Service for your City Critic Reviews

Game Debate

4.5 / 10.0
Game Debate

In the absence of a tutorial, adequate live tips, or indeed any indication whatsoever of the correct way to go about these menial and repetitive tasks, all that remained was to stop the lorry next to the bin and jab sequentially at each key on the keyboard in the forlorn hope that one of them might do something productive.

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If this game were released in 2001, it would probably be hailed as one of the above-average games of the time period. By today's standards, it's a bit of a mess; no soundtrack, no physics, players are pigeonholed into playing a certain way, and things are just unpolished overall. That aside, it's clear the team at Nano Games has originality and some good ideas, and where the game does work, it works well; in particular, the management features and driving mechanics. It has a severe lack of polish and freedom, however, which, on the whole, makes it feel less like playing a game and more like doing work, but it'll be interesting to see what things this team can come up with and implement (hopefully better) in the future.

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