Ivanovich Games
Dec 22, 2015 - PC
8.3 / 10
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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Perfect Angle - Launch trailer thumbnail

Perfect Angle - Launch trailer

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Critic Reviews for PERFECT ANGLE

Perfect Angle is a clever little puzzle game with enough puzzles, mechanics, variations, and trophies to keep you busy for a long time. Some of the puzzles are almost impossible without first spending a hint to see what you're looking for but are always satisfying if you work it out for yourself. The story isn't amazing but the voice acting really holds it together and delivers an enjoyable story in a game which would usually be shipped without one.

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What's such a shame about the puzzles, beyond those which are simply bad (not very many, but gosh, they're bad), is that what it doesn't do is let you move around the world. And that's even more strange when the transitions between puzzles are the camera swooping down streets and through doors between one and the next, so there was definitely a world built in which one could have moved about.

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