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6 / 10
Jan 10, 2016

Final Fantasy VI is still good, but its primary purpose is to kick gamers in the pants about bringing emulation discussions to the forefront. In an age where classic games are easily playable on modern systems, a rerelease should really amaze with its changes and new features, but because emulation is tainted by tangentially related conversations about piracy, it's taboo to point out that a better version is widely available with very little effort. If this release is stacked against the emulation scene, it's an absolute joke that people are expected to pay money for this, but the overall sentiment from AAA publishers is that emulation doesn't exist. There are plenty of legitimate ways to enjoy this game without the long list of flaws that characterise this port, and it is advised to explore other avenues; Square Enix shouldn't be rewarded for releasing shoddy ports.

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