Black Shell Media, Whipstitch Games
Jan 22, 2016 - PC
2 / 5
4 / 10
Bit Cultures
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Monumental Media

Critic Reviews for Monumental

All in all, Monumental isn't necessarily a bad game. I'm not about to mark it down for the intense difficulty of its puzzles, though this may be an issue for many gamers in itself.

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The actual world of Monumental, thankfully, seems like its one saving grace

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When considering Monumental in retrospect, I am glad I had a chance to experience the nostalgic atmosphere and intense puzzles. As a fan of critical thinking and problem solving, especially in the way of gaming, few modern products offer the same depth to puzzles as Monumental. It's certainly unforgiving, but with enough thought and perhaps the use of the hint button, Monumental is a solid, inexpensive game worthy of your time, money, and brain overload.

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