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Game Information

Available on:PCFeb 3, 2016

Developer: M. Hanka

Genres: Roguelike, Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy

Open the gate to the egyptian underworld! Hieroglyphika is a roguelike game completely without text but with pictograms.

You get lost in an ancient egyptian pyramid buried deep under the sand of the desert and full of traps and monstrous beings. Decrypt hieroglyphs to learn spells and to understand the magical nature of artifacts.
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Hieroglyphika Release Trailer

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Game Rant

Game Rant

Hieroglyphika is a fun – if challenging – addition to a Roguelike fan's roster. It may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the more well-known titles on the market, and the gameplay may feel a little too old-school for some, but overall the game is a sharp, relentless strategy game with plenty of punch. Even without any text, Hieroglyphika proves to be a highly engaging experience.

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Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded

Even with the permadeath, the normal campaign can be finished easily in a matter of hours. This isn't a game with an incredible amount of content, and it's possible to see everything there is on offer after a couple of runs. The replay value is a little low since the base game is quite simple once you've figured out what the hieroglyphs mean, and there's just not enough depth to warrant repeated playthroughs. That being said though, Hieroglyphika is a fun distraction with lots of original ideas which brings the sense of wonder back into roguelikes.

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