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General Information

Available on:PCOct 16, 2015


Publisher: Degica

Genre: Action

Triangle Service returns to Steam with DeltaZeal, the second vertical shooter from the "Shooting Love Anniversary" compilation! An homage to classic 90's arcade games, DeltaZeal thrills with tense shooting action, crisp sprite graphics, and explosive sound. Equip wide shot, concentrated laser or guided missiles to get the best weapon combination, then blast your way through 9 stages of mechanized enemies and bosses. Try experimenting with different strategies, as there are many secrets and alternate routes to discover. If you reach the end, you will find a challenging adversary to test your gaming mettle!

Deltazeal Critic Reviews

This, combined with the fairly lazy porting job and the unforgiving gameplay means that Deltazeal is not the best game for people new to the genre. Shmup veterans looking for a challenge will look past the flaws and enjoy its difficulty and its scoring system which rewards perfect play but if you're not one of them, you're better off playing a more polished game – on PC, it might be Crimzon Clover or Mushihimesama.

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