Sekai Project, NEKO WORKs
Feb 19, 2016 - PC
Hardcore Gamer
3.5 / 5
4 / 10
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NEKOPARA Vol. 2 Media

ネコぱらVol.2 姉妹ネコのシュクレ オープニングムービー thumbnail

ネコぱらVol.2 姉妹ネコのシュクレ オープニングムービー

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NEKOPARA Vol. 2 Screenshot 2

Critic Reviews for NEKOPARA Vol. 2

Nekopara Vol. 2 continues down the fluffy, cutesy and sometimes sexy path that its predecessors started down and does nothing to shake things up. Of course, fans of the series should be well aware of what they’re getting now and embrace it with open arms.

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The term "slice-of-life" is no excuse for a lack of plot, a lack of well-developed characters, and a 50% lack of new graphics and tunes. That being said, NekoPara Vol. 2 is probably the best of the three titles so far (but only by a tiny margin), since it actually has a character that's somewhat likeable, because it's slightly more funny and less serious, and due to the fact that it has a more balanced length for what's offered.

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