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The Hand of Panda

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo 3DSMar 3, 2016

Developer: RedZone Studios

Publisher: Ninja Playground

Genres: Interactive Story, Adventure

The Hand of Panda is a fast action, memory and reflex game inspired by the bonus rounds commonly found in famous fighting games. Learn to focus your chi into a single strike by breaking orbs and channel your power to blow away a variey of challenging materials. Find ways to increase your score, to achieve legendary combos and to avoid distraction by your Master as you time your strike and finish off each item before the timer reaches zero. Journey with Panda, a unlikely character who is discovered by Master Koi, an old teacher who has ultimately mastery of "The Hand"; a legendary ability to break any item that crosses his path. With your teacher at your side, develop your smashing skills and climb the mystical pagodas that hold the worlds most difficult materials. Finish each tower to follow the story and ultimately discover a hidden truth.

The Hand of Panda Critic Reviews

Ultimately, The Hand of Panda is a rhythm game that almost manages to achieve mediocrity. Its campaign lacks both depth and longevity, and while the soundtrack is actually pretty good it's not enough to save this bite-sized game. We'd recommend that you skip this one; there may not be a ton of rhythm games to choose from on the eShop, but there's little reason one should settle for this.

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