Light Repair Team #4 MastheadLight Repair Team #4 Masthead

Light Repair Team #4

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General Information

Available on:HTC ViveApr 5, 2016

Developer: Eerie Bear Games

Genre: Puzzle

Light Repair Team #4 is a light-reflection puzzle game where you play as a light-pipe repair person. Figure out how to properly bounce, combine, move and split light through 25 puzzles so that you can return power to nearby buildings and get the city back on its feet. The city of New Corona's power grid is none like any other. The city uses light to power its buildings! However, due to flooding and a new canal system to replace old roads and paths, the light-pipe power grid has fallen into state of fragility. It's breaking all the time! As the player, you will play as a light repair person on Light Repair Team #4. What happened to Light Repair Team #1 through #3? Well, thats another story. Use the provided mirrors, lenses and prisms to re-route the light pipes to their proper receptacles. Sound like a simple job? Well, that depends on how bright you are.

Light Repair Team #4 Critic Reviews

The actual puzzles are very well thought out, but the graphics are simplistic and, to be honest, the reason why there’s lasers being bounced around doesn’t make much sense.

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Light Repair Team #4 - HTC Vive Launch Title - Release Trailer

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