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General Information

Available on:PCJan 27, 2017

Developer: Salmi Games

Genres: Arcade, Action

Ellipsis is an action-packed Avoid ’Em Up with minimalistic, yet powerful neon styled visuals. Guide your ship through a mysterious universe while deftly avoiding hordes of roaming enemies, spikes, lasers and more. We’ve crafted a beautiful universe for you to uncover and explore at your own pace. Fly through levels, dodging and evading enemies before they have a chance to react. Or explore leisurely, mastering each world and uncovering all its secrets. Either way, Ellipsis will keep you on your toes with surprises from start to finish. Ellipsis is designed with a clean minimalist interface and absolutely ZERO text. It lets the player explore at their own pace while gently guiding them, thus producing an incredible pick-up-and-play experience.

Ellipsis Reviews

It's impressive how the minimalist approach cultivates such energy with so little, and also how sustaining that approach is for Ellipsis in its design. While this game is not technically a piece of minimalist art, it is a very coherent marriage of the methodology behind it with the creative domain of video games. For this reason, it absolutely can be valued for its aesthetic qualities, just like a painting hung on the wall, and perhaps used for inspiration, or just to chill out after a long day. Whatever is abstract is also open to many different interpretations, so different gamers may respond differently to its creative ethos, but overall there's no doubt that Ellipsis should be recognised for its accessibility, polish and purpose. This is a simple game with a thoughtful soul. Much work has gone into it, and for those who appreciate great game design, it is certainly one to check out. Fingers crossed for a Nintendo Switch edition one day, as well.

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Ellipsis is a fun game that will redefine what you think minimal games can offer. You will be challenged, you will evolve, and leave all the better.

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Ellipsis - Official Game Trailer - Intel's Game of the Year

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Ellipsis Game - Teaser Trailer

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