The Room Two

Fireproof Games
Jul 5, 2016 - PC
8 / 10
7 / 10
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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Critic Reviews for The Room Two

The Room 2 is an ambitious sequel to a fairly small original game. The developers have pulled it off with fun challenging puzzles that will on the odd occasion have you reaching for that hint button. Overall the game was great fun and the use of audio to set the mood made it even better to play. This isn’t one to be missed if you in the market for a challenging puzzler.

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Overall I can say that I really enjoyed The Room Two. It is the perfect puzzle solver with enough atmosphere and immersion to make it stand out from the crowd. The puzzles have a lot of variety and you won’t find yourself thinking “I’ve already done this one”. Despite the short run time I think that anyone with an affinity to puzzlers and creepy games will have a blast, and I definitely will be getting on to the other three games in the series.

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It’s fun, spooky, peculiar, unique, and most of all – and I use this word very carefully – interesting. That’s something games too often are not. The Room Two unquestionably is – a properly interesting experience.

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