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Xibalba Studios
Jun 12, 2016 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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MilitAnt - Launch Trailer | PS4

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Critic Reviews for MilitAnt

MilitAnt's poorly implemented targeting system combined with its weak visual presentation and mediocre platforming gameplay squander its interesting premise.

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There is very little fun to be had in MilitAnt. After spending most of my time breezing through half of the game’s bosses, all but submitting to the other half (with a pair of very green exceptions), and rushing past nearly every basic enemy, I get the impression that this ubiquitous imbalance in difficulty is more likely a vast oversight than a design choice. I appreciate Xibalba Studios’ focus on old-school level design, and some of the boss designs showed real inspiration, both in gameplay and aesthetics. But the desultory approach to enemy design and combat mechanics completely overshadows any of MilitAnt’s potentially redeeming qualities.

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MilitAnt is one of those games where you feel no guilt or uncertainty for which game has to go once your hard drive is full. This game had over twenty years of influences, innovation as well as mistakes which it could've learned from. For fans of Contra, Metal Slug, Mega Man or Super Time Force --this isn't for you. It's a nostalgic assault on the games which inspired it.

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With so much potential in the premise, it’s a shame MilitAnt didn’t deliver where it counts in the gameplay department.

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Many elements of MilitAnt's core design are flawed, so it's no surprise that the game as a whole is pretty dire.

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The Bug's Life meets Contra premise of MilitAnt is promising, but unfortunately the experience is marred by questionable design decisions and an unreliable targeting system.

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MilitAnt is about as exhilarating as frying an ant with a magnifying glass, and about as cruel to people who play it.

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The platforming on offer is solid, offering many classic genre tropes and is vaguely reminiscent of early Rayman titles

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